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Indigenous Literature in the Classroom

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Welcome to my blog!

This is my first time blogging and I'm excited to get started.

My goal is to inspire you with ideas to seamlessly integrate Indigenous literature into your curriculum throughout the year. The focus for the students is to inspire, enrich, connect, understand and apply.

I’ve been asked, “Why is this my focus when I don’t have Indigenous ancestry?”

To be honest, it was initially because our Province of BC updated their curriculum and pushed for a prominent Indigenous focus. The idea was long overdue. And when the new curriculum was implemented, teachers scrambled to find respectful resources with little success.

So I began collaborating with a colleague and friend of mine, Kaity McWhinney, and through consultation with Adrienne Gear, we created an integrated unit; infusing Indigenous literature with Social Studies and Language Arts.

It was a rewarding experience! The students loved it. The learning process was evident and the student understanding of the content was powerful. Their response pages, validation of their learning, was bulletin/display board worthy!

As stunning Indigenous picture books and powerful novels are being published regularly, the challenge to aide in bringing them into the classroom has become my passion. So, here we are today! I've been creating resources Infusing Indigenous Literature into the curriculum for the past three years. All of my products can be found here.

While my store offers teaching units supporting Indigenous Literature, it can also be used as a growing book list or as reference for ideas.

I hope this blog inspires you. I intend to blog about my year and document how I infuse Indigenous literature into my weekly activities. Follow me, so that you don’t miss out!


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