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Mindful? My Mind is Already Full!

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

In the first few weeks in September, I teach lessons that set a respectful and nurturing tone in my class. I like to celebrate individuality (What’s My Superpower? and Thunder Boy Jr.), recognize virtues that help us become positive citizens (Dawn Flight: A Lakota Story), begin to develop appreciation by recognizing the people who support us and alternatively, develop awareness of the people we support (You Hold Me Up), and being mindful, including recognizing rare, joyful life occurrences. For this lesson I use a book called, Once in a Blue Moon, written by Danielle Daniel.

Before I start my lesson, we discuss what “once in a blue moon” means, which generally follows along the lines of a “rare occurrence.” I also like to introduce and talk about ‘being mindful’ as it’s a term often used in my class throughout the year.

One time during a discussion about ‘mindfulness,’ a little boy was quick to inform me that, “he was pretty sure his mind was already full.” I replied, “Well then, we better clear some space.”

Once in a Blue Moon is a beautiful book, that has so many lesson opportunities: meaning, connection, descriptive writing, class books, pairing art with descriptive writing, etc. These activities can be found in my unit: Once in a Blue Moon - on TpT

The connections students make to this book are enjoyable and sometimes profound. I am always delighted to glimpse upon special rare moments students recognize in their lives.

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